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Egan Medical Equipment Website Now Live

UPDATE: Medical Supply Store No Longer Available

My eldest son Peter Egan has asked me to announce here on my blog that EganMedical(dot)com, the retail medical equipment website of the Egan Healthcare Corporation is no longer active, and that he has closed it permanently in order to work for EGAN Home Health and Hospice on a full-time-basis, along with pursuing various other ventures in addition to his daily job. The store was not closed down due to lack of sales, as 2013 was a banner year, with 2014 on pace to eclipse it when the decision was made to take it offline.

Egan Medical offered a wide variety of medical supplies, home medical equipment and soft orthopedic goods such as supports and braces for weak and injured joints.

The company had initially planned to launch the website back in 2005, however Hurricane Katrina had other ideas. Shortly after the storm, Peter Jr. launched an Ebay Store that was affiliated with Egan Medical Equipment, and the plan was to develop an accompanying e-commerce website to compliment the Ebay Store.

The Ebay Store took off almost immediately, and by January of 2006 the company was selling more online than they were out of the actual storefront on Tyler Street in Covington from which they (Peter Jr. and his employees) were working. By May of that year, Peter Jr. was outselling all four Egan Medical Equipment retail stores combined --- and that was just with sales from Ebay.

They were selling so much in fact that work on the actual website was postponed indefinitely. Despite the high sales figures, for whatever reason the company chose not to maintain the Ebay Store when Peter decided to step down so that he could finish school (Tulane's Fall 2005 semester was cancelled due to the flood, and he took the Spring 2006 Semester off to continue working on the Ebay Store and website).

When Peter finished college, he immediately formed his own LLC and went right back to working with websites and internet marketing. PamelaEgan.com was actually one of the very first websites he ever built.

Anyway, he decided in December of 2010 that he wanted to get the medical equipment e-commerce project back up and running again. In January of 2011, Peter took over the lone remaining retail medical supply store in Covington, LA, and in early May he launched EganMedical(dot)com.

Egan Medical is the first Egan Healthcare company to target customers outside the State of Louisiana. At this time, EGAN Medical ships to all 50 U.S. states including Hawaii and Alaska, although the company plans to start shipping to Canada sometime within the next couple of months.

While in business, EGAN Medical shipped products to customers in close to 100 different countries across the world.

Here are some example categories from the site:

  • DME > Bathroom Safety
  • DME > Personal Aids
  • DME > Mobility Equipment
  • DME > Other Medical Equipment
  • Orthopedic > Braces & Supports
    > Ankle Braces & Wraps
    > Wrist Splints & Braces
    > Knee Braces & Supports
    > Elbow Braces & Supports
    > Thumb Splints and Braces
    > Neck Braces and Supports
    > Back Supports
    > Shoulder Braces & Supports
    > Maternity Supports
  • Diabetes > Diabetic Socks
  • Medical Supplies > Stethoscopes
  • Medical Supplies > Monitoring Equipment

The storefront at 1419 S. Tyler Street in Covington is open from 9:00am-5:30pm Monday-Friday and by appointment on weekends. The online store is open for business every day, 24 hours a day.

Shipments depart within a maximum 1-2 business days of the order being placed. Most orders placed before 3:00 PM on weekdays ship same-day.
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